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What we spend and How we spend it

1. Annual accounts
The documents below are PDF files and can be viewed using the Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe. A new window will be opened when selecting the document. You can then view, save and print your chosen PDF. If you have any difficulties opening, saving or printing a PDF, please contact our Parish Clerk.


Parish Council Financial statement 2021/22

Parish Council Financial statement 2020/21
Parish Council Financial statement 2019/20
Parish Council Financial statement 2018/19
Parish Council Financial statement 2017/18 
Parish Council Accounts 2017/18 - more detailed version
Parish Council Accounts 2017/18
Parish Council Accounts 2016/17
Parish Council Accounts 2015/16
Parish Council Accounts 2014/15
Parish Council Accounts 2013/14
Parish Council Accounts 2012/13
Parish Council Accounts 2011/12

Copies of the annual return can be obtained from the Clerk at a cost of £10 a copy.

External Audit

Notice of completion of external audit 2021/22


2. List of Financial Standing Orders and Regulation
Please see the Policies and Procedures pages.