Our Parish

The ancient Ecclesiastical Parish of Longstone includes five villages and hamlets:  Great Longstone, Little Longstone, Rowland, Hassop, and Wardlow. Under the 1894 Local Government Act the five villages and hamlets were all made Civil Parishes, but they are still part of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Longstone.

The medieval Parish Church of St Giles is situated in the village of Great Longstone.  It is listed Grade 1 because of its fine medieval roof and the quality of its restoration in 1873 by the architect, Richard Norman Shaw.  Use the "Useful links" drop down menu for the English Heritage full listing descriptions. In the parish, there is also a 19th century Chapel of Ease in Wardlow, which is listed Grade 2.




St Giles Parish Church

For enquiries about baptisms (Christenings), marriages and funerals in the Parish of Longstone please contact the Vicar: Rev'd James Croft, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Great Longstone, DE45 1TB or telephone: 01629 640257


The church is open for visitors every day from around 9am till dusk. There are church guide books on sale at £2 each.


The parish registers are now kept at the Derbyshire County Council Records Office in Matlock. Their records state the following about St Giles:


GREAT LONGSTONE, St Giles (D2373) includes townships of Little Longstone, Wardlow, Rowland (from mid 19th century) and Hassop (from c1910).
Originally parochial chapelry in parish of Bakewell.
Became separate parish 1852. No entries for baptisms, burials 1743-1764, marriages 1740-1754


They have original records and microfilms which cover slightly different dates. The records include:
Original Registers in the DRO
Baptisms 1637-1742 1765-1955
Marriages 1637-1739 1755-1812 1817-1968
Banns of Marriage 1868-1926
Burials 1637-1742 1765-1880
Microfilms in the DRO
Baptisms 1637-1742 1765-1955
Marriages 1637-1739 1755-1812 1817-1943
Banns of Marriage 1868-1880
Burials 1637-1742 1765-1856



Below are the dates for the services for Wardlow and St Giles’ up to end of February 2022.


St Giles’, Great Longstone:

  2nd January         11.00am Morning Worship 

  9th January          11.00am Parish Eucharist

16th January          11.00am Parish Eucharist

23rd January          11.00am Parish Eucharist

30th November      11.00am Parish Eucharist

6th February          11.00am Morning Worship

13th February        11.00am Parish Eucharist

20th February        11.00am Parish Eucharist
27th February        11.00am Parish Eucharist


Good Shepherd, Wardlow:

  2nd January         9.00am Parish Eucharist 

16th January          9.00am Morning Worship

6th February          9.00am Parish Eucharist

20th February        9.00am Morning Worship

Great Longstone Methodist Church

Sadly, the Great Longstone Methodist Chapel in Station Road closed at the end of April 2020.


The main building was erected on land donated by Mrs Maria Furniss in 1843: a large stone that was originally on the outside of the church states that it was a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.  In 1937, the extension to the edge of Station Road was done by Mettam’s of Bakewell: electricity was installed to the entire building at the same time.  The grand total for all this work was just over £230: it was noted that this debt was cleared within the year.


The halcyon days of the chapel were in the 1950s and 1960s when a congregation of often over 20 people attended evening worship.  Mr & Mrs Mosley (Hubert and Molly) frequently provided meals for visiting preachers.  There was also a striving Sunday School, led by Miss Greta Jardine – she was, I believe, the last headmistress of Bakewell Girl’s School. 


Congregation numbers started to fall throughout the 1970s, and in 1993 (the 150th anniversary of the Chapel) the old pews were removed and replaced by 40 chairs enabling more diverse use of the building.  In addition the main part of the chapel had fitted carpet put in place.


In 2004 a Local Ecumenical Partnership was entered into with St Giles’ Parish Church and United Services have taken place at different times over the years.  More recently, the congregation has diminished and we now have a membership number that is too small to continue.  Reverent Adrian Perry has been most supportive in helping us come to the difficult decisions we have had to make.  It was hoped that our final service of thanksgiving would have taken place on Sunday 26th April 2020 at 6.30pm, when it would have been wonderful to have had a good attendance – but sadly this was not to be, due to the coronavirus directives.


Most of the “regulars” now worship at St Giles’, and I would personally like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the way we have been welcomed there by everyone. 


At this stage, there are no plans as to how the Chapel will be used in future.


Peter Shimwell