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Sunday, February 16


Photos of previous Great Longstone well dressings can be found here
Lots of picturs from 2011 are here on flickr

Putting up the Well Dressing


The well dressing for 2012 will be put in place on the evening of Friday 13th July, ready for the official blessing at 2pm on Saturday 14th July and will remain on view until the following weekend.

The dressing will, as usual, be on display on the village green, in front of the school.

After the blessing of the well dressing the May Queen will open the Church Fete.

Making the Well Dressing

It takes a week to make the well dressing and this will start with the puddling of the clay from 10am on Friday 6th July.

It would be great to have lots of help during the week, especially with the puddling and wooling, and later in the week for petalling.

The programme is::

Friday 6th Julyfrom 10 am PUDDLING and WOOLING
Monday 9th Julyfrom 10am WOOLING
Tueday 10th July
9.30am -12 & 1pm-3.30pm
Wednesday 11th July
9.30am -12 & 1pm-3.30pm
Thursday 13th July
9.30am -12 & 1pm-3.30pm
Friday 13th July
9.30am -12 & 1pm-3.30pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

Jane Littlefield 640943
jane@rogertopham. plus. com