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Joseph Bennett for the Poor Charity - Registered Charity No 240988 - Deregistered in May 2008


The charity was established as a result of a legacy in the will of Mr Joseph Bennett, of Forge House, Great Longstone, who died in 1919.

An extract of the Will, provided by the Charity Commission in July 2007, states:

“I also give and bequeath to the Parish of Great Longstone in the County of Derbyshire the sum of £100 this amount to be paid out of my account deposited in William Deacon’s Bank Bakewell. The same is to be invested by the Overseers of the Said Parish of Great Longstone to the best advantage there to remain and all interest derived therefrom to be distributed annually on the 24th December in equal sums to twenty poor persons in the said Parish of Great Longstone in the County of Derbyshire.”

A search of the Parish Records indicates that this legacy was managed by the Overseers until their posts were abolished in 1927. The Parish Council then took on responsibility for managing the fund, which was registered as a charity on 18th March 1965.

The Objects of the Charity, recorded with the Charity Commissioners, are:
“Income to be distributed annually on the 24th December in equal sums to each of 20 poor persons in the Parish of Great Longstone”.


It appears that the charity’s legacy, which had risen in value to £109.20, was invested in 3.5% Conversion Stock in 1947. This still produces an income of £3.82 a year in two half yearly instalments.


During the early years of the last century grants were made, as instructed in the bequest. However in recent years the dividing of an annual income of £3.82 amongst “20 poor people” (19 pence each) became unworkable and the income and expenditure was joined with that of the Holme Meal Trust (Reg No 256506), which has similar objects.

Closure of the Charity

In May 2008 the Charity Commission gave permission for the assets of the Trust to be joined with those of the Holme Meal Trust and the Joseph Bennett Charity for the Poor was formally wound-up and removed from the register of charities.

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