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Sunday, February 16


Collection Days

This dates apply to Main Street Great Longstone, They may vary in other parts of the village/area.

Household Refuse - the new grey bin (or sacks if agreed with the council).
Every Tuesday - Refuse must be left on the edge of your property by 7am on the collection day.

Garden Waste Collection Dates - (the bin with the green lid)

Fri 15th Jan 10
Fri 29th Jan 10
Fri 12th Feb 10
Fri 26th Feb 10
Fri 12th Mar 10
Fri 26th Mar 10
Sat 10th Apr 10
Fri 23rd Apr 10
Sat 8th May 10
Fri 21st May 10
Sat 5th Jun 10
Fri 18th Jun 10
Fri 2nd Jul 10
Fri 16th Jul 10
Fri 30th July 10
Fri 13th Aug 10
Fri 27th Aug 10
Fri 10th Sep 10
Fri 24th Sep 10
Fri 08th Oct 10
Fri 22nd Oct 10
Fri 5th Nov 10
Fri 19th Nov 10


Recycling Collections (Glass & Paper)
Every second Tuesday (it is usually the Tuesday after the Firday that the Green Bins are emptied). They tend to start the collection quite early so it may be best to leave thinks out ready on the Monday evening.

Recycling Bins (Glass, Tins & Plastic)
Containers are available for leaving glass, plastic & tins are in the White Lion Car Park. This facility is avialable with the kind permission of the White Lion so please keep the area tidy - please do not dump bags and boxes (or other rubbish) or add items to bins which are already full.